Total sacrificed:

One of the key elements of a classic
those who enter the system pay those who are already in it.


Choose one or more
of the following cryptocurrencies
on the Ethereum network:





Send it to the given address:


Between 20/02/2023 0:00 GMT and 20/05/2023 23:59 GMT


Your pension fund might not be a safe as you think! Is your pension really guaranteed?

Classic pension funds:

  • always need new money entering the pyramid to pay those who are already in it. Like a Ponzi scheme
  • play with your money to make a profit for themselves
  • are controlled by a central authority
  • are like casinos: if you lose your life before sixty-five, it takes your money
  • might go bankrupt. Money goneā€¦


Your sacrifice is registered and accounted in digital points.
These points have no monetary value.
The number of points per dollar worth of cryptocurrencies is
2000 points for the first 15 days, then decreases by 100 points every five days:
For non-stablecoins, the market price ​*
of the last closed hour is taken.
*HEXeption: for HEX, a minimum price of $0.10 is taken per HEX.



Carpe Diem Pension is a new pension fund that:
  • pays out indefinitely through a decentralized and immutable smartcontract
  • does not play around with your money. You manage your own pension through the smartcontract
  • starts paying out from the moment you make your first deposit
  • Allows you to literally build up your pension payout through accumulation of deposits. You increase the payout by depositing more and more each month.
  • is transferable without restrictions (by sharing access to your wallet address)
  • only allows deposits in the cryptocurrency XCD
  • pays out in XCD and PLS
Carpe Diem Pension runs on the PulseChain network in the cryptocurrency XCD. Rumour has it, that XCD will be airdropped to those who sacrificed.
You should have no expectations from the work of others